Zen at its best

Portugal is a very interesting country. Somehow it keeps the balance and harmony of the mixture of different cultures, people, religion, lifestyle. I adore this country for its beauty and BALANCE. In all meanings of “balance” you can imagine. Portugal is a tiny country that has INSIDE much more than it seems from OUTSIDE. Every region is unique in terms of: nature, people, habits, history, traditions… but at the same time all regions make THE PORTUGAL – so different and united. This country – is one of a kind! Trust me  I am a foreigner, resident, “mama” of my Ukrainian-Portuguese family, critic and fan at the same time – I know what I’m talking about.) My first expressions about Portugal were something like: WOW.. WOOOOOW… WOOOOOOOOOOW…… 🙂

Having more friends and more social relationships I got it: I am not the only one – people LOVE Portugal, they discover it, enjoy, fall in love with this country. Ones and forever!

There is one place I want to share with you today: Quinta de Palhacana. The place to fall in love and to come back. Can you believe that it is located just in 30 min drive from Lisbon?! I told you, Portugal is tiny, but unique country, everything is close here, and on top of it – we have an amazing highways. 

In Quinta de Palhacana you can enjoy zen mood, write your book or poetry, get inspired to create your painting, relax and get in touch with nature, ride horses and introduce to your kids these amazing creatures, find a good friends, share the happy moments and memories. Take a look at the photos and read the good example of description after the photo overview of Quinta:

IMG_3733_1_main_picture  IMG_3728_2   IMG_3730_2  IMG_3758_blackwhite_1IMG_3750_yellow_1  IMG_3772_purple_1IMG_1611_1   IMG_1620_134316486 IMG_1658_1IMG_1550_1  IMG_1556_1IMG_1634_1  IMG_1643_1IMG_1668_1  IMG_1663_1IMG_1693_1  IMG_1700_1

Now, can I show you a nice example of description that fits in the “character limits” of almost all the sites? Here it goes:

“Welcome to Quinta de Palhacana. Just in 30-40 min drive from Lisbon, you have a chance to “get lost in time”, feel the rhythm of a typical old Portuguese village surrounded by vineyards, gorgeous landscapes and Montejunto mountain views. Our cozy hotel offers you a comfort stay with breakfast included, “welcome kit” and “kit for kids” at the arrival, cleaning services, free Wi-Fi, TV in each room, baby cot available, flexible check-in and check-out, animal friendly. Outdoor facilities: swimming pool, patio, bar, drinks & snacks 24/7, zen area, zen mood, restaurant with a view and amazing Portuguese food & vine, horse riding experience, our exchange books library, leisure of a countryside, sounds and harmony of nature.

Our services by request: airport transfer and drive-around services, SPA procedures, ATV rental, babysitting, discovery tours to vine producers of the region, bicycle rental. Quinta de Palhacana, is able to provide individual programs, activities, or just an advices for you, – according to the rhythm and preferences of your stay in our beautiful Portugal!”

Feeling excited? You’re very welcome to Quinta de Palhacana, book your stay directly here, via comment, or, via booking.com: Quinta de Palhacana.


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